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Ways To Create Animated GIFs With Giphy

March 27, 2017 by Neal

Animated GIFs are used by the marketers to attract the audience and convey their message properly. It is the best option to make your content stand out in the social media platform. The GIFs can be created with images or videos. There are also a number of tools that can be used to create the animated GIF for using it on the social media channels. Giphy is the tool that is used by most of the people on the social media channels and there are also other tools similar to this that can be selected to create the animated GIFs. But Giphy is considered to be more reliable as it has been affiliated with social media channels such as Twitter.

1. Selecting the tool- Giphy is one of the tools that is available for free and you must create an account in it. This tool allows you to create free GIFs, but to store it you must have an account. Once you have logged in into Giphy, select the option create from its menu bar and you will see four different options. The first option is GIF Maker that can be used to create GIFs with the videos that can be stored in your computer and slideshow option is used to create GIFs with images. The GIF caption can be used to adjust your existing GIF and GIF Editor helps you to make your GIFs more interesting with stickers. Giphy also allows us to create a brand account which makes the GIFs easily searchable on Twitter and other similar social media networks. Make sure to use a tag that helps to make the GIFs searchable among the users on Twitter.

2. Using the GIFs- Once you have created the GIF with the tool, try to download it for sharing in your social media platform like Twitter. There are different ways you can use the GIFs such as to reveal your products, thank customers, attract more audience and increase your brand value. Try using the GIFs to thank your customers as it will please them. Twitter is one of the best platforms to share your GIF with the customers and also acknowledge them in the right way. To reveal your products through GIFs, first you must design them in such a way that it must show your product in the most positive manner. Make sure that the GIF looks attractive and even have details about your product. Those who want to introduce a new brand on the social media channels, GIFs can be the first choice. In Twitter, GIFs are also used to get leads based on the posts. You can create more than one GIF to attract the audience and even bring people directly to your post. Instead of using already existing GIFs to promote your brand, try to design one based on your business. It is a best way to enhance the tweets and make it available for the other users.

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