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October, 2016

  1. Social Monitoring Tools To Attract Local Customers

    October 28, 2016 by Neal

    Are you trying to reach your local customers through social media and monitoring online conversations related to your business. There are special monitoring tools used in the social media platform to do location based search. With this tool you will be able to engage with your customers in a particular area. The location-based monitoring can be done with special tools that are completely different from monitoring tools based on keyword. All these following tools are common in way or the other as they help you to monitor social media to capture digital content and local trends.

    1. Geofeedia- This is a special tool that can be used to search for social feeds in real-time by location and look for location based social media contents all over the world. It is also possible to look for multiple locations for curating, sharing and archiving the content. You can also look for the posts that are trending in your area with this tool and there is a customized social media monitoring options available for different businesses.

    2. WeLink- It is one of the best tool engage and indentify your customers. You can also engage with potential customers using the targeted ads that are available in this tool. This tool offers best location-based monitoring as it combines both keyword-based monitoring and geo-specific listening. You can select this tool to get feeds from most of the social channels.

    3. Sysomos- With this tool you can get the information that is trending locally. Then you will get an idea about what the customers are discussing about. It also collects the digital posts from various social media network such as Twitter and shows insightful data on a single social platform. This tool is completely different from other similar social tools as it shows the results based on content from real-time and already posted content.

    4. MomentFeed- Most of the popular brands use this tool as it is known to provided the most trusted result. All these brands use this tool to get connected with their local customers easily. You can collect the details about your local customer to create marketing campaigns.

    5. Venuelabs- Those who are looking for a new type of monitoring tool that would break new ground, then this tool can be your best choice. The brands which are using this tool will get a feedback that can be used to create marketing campaigns in an effective way. You can also see your customer experience about your business and act accordingly.

    6. Local Measure- Anyone can improve their user experience with the help of this tool and analyze the discussions made by the customers. You can find out various types of social contents with this tool such as reviews, ratings, videos, photos and more. Those who like to use this tool will be able to find loyal customers, local influencers and follower counts. You can also get customized solutions about various brands including marketing, hospitality and more.