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  1. Steps To Plan Social Marketing Content

    April 28, 2017 by Neal

    Brands who like to reach with their relevant audience, they must be able to create good content for using it on the social media platform. So you have to plan your content to make it a useful part of marketing process to reach your target. There are few steps that can help to create the content plan related to your business on social media.

    1. Review your customer experience- Knowing your customer is a very important process even you are new to the business or well experienced. You must try to define the customers related to their area, age and more. You will be able to know more about your customer experience by thinking as a customer. First you need to know what the customers think about your brand and how do they move from there. Try to know what the customer thinks before completing the purchase.

    2. Define your efforts on social media- This is very important as you must know what to do on the social media network to promote your business.  Set a target to access the customers easily and achieve your goals. Try to create a community with people related to your product on various social media platform. Next you must create brand awareness which can be done with the help of social media channels. In the present day, most of the people like to stay online in social media and it can be the right option to promote your business. Then you have to increase your engagement which is an important part of your business. You can increase your engagement on the social media by using valuable content for the audience.

    3. Best social media channel- To reach your customer it is important to select the best social media to work on. There are various social media channels that can be selected depending upon your interest such as Twitter, Facebook and more. Twitter is known to have more number of active users and many access it through their mobile. You must look at demographics of each social media network to learn its reciprocity.

    4. Content based on topics- Now you have made the decision about using the right social media for your promotion, next try to create content. Try to use the content that is related to your business and to attract audiences from all sources try to share interesting things on the social media network.

    5. Plan to build trust- In social media people normally use content to attract the audience to their post. With proper plan you will be able to build trust among your followers and other users on the social media. Then you can measure the success of using the social media as a channel to promote your brand. Try to look for customers who have reached you through the social media and from other sources. This will help you to understand how to plan your future methods to deal with the social media audience.

  2. Ways To Create Animated GIFs With Giphy

    March 27, 2017 by Neal

    Animated GIFs are used by the marketers to attract the audience and convey their message properly. It is the best option to make your content stand out in the social media platform. The GIFs can be created with images or videos. There are also a number of tools that can be used to create the animated GIF for using it on the social media channels. Giphy is the tool that is used by most of the people on the social media channels and there are also other tools similar to this that can be selected to create the animated GIFs. But Giphy is considered to be more reliable as it has been affiliated with social media channels such as Twitter.

    1. Selecting the tool- Giphy is one of the tools that is available for free and you must create an account in it. This tool allows you to create free GIFs, but to store it you must have an account. Once you have logged in into Giphy, select the option create from its menu bar and you will see four different options. The first option is GIF Maker that can be used to create GIFs with the videos that can be stored in your computer and slideshow option is used to create GIFs with images. The GIF caption can be used to adjust your existing GIF and GIF Editor helps you to make your GIFs more interesting with stickers. Giphy also allows us to create a brand account which makes the GIFs easily searchable on Twitter and other similar social media networks. Make sure to use a tag that helps to make the GIFs searchable among the users on Twitter.

    2. Using the GIFs- Once you have created the GIF with the tool, try to download it for sharing in your social media platform like Twitter. There are different ways you can use the GIFs such as to reveal your products, thank customers, attract more audience and increase your brand value. Try using the GIFs to thank your customers as it will please them. Twitter is one of the best platforms to share your GIF with the customers and also acknowledge them in the right way. To reveal your products through GIFs, first you must design them in such a way that it must show your product in the most positive manner. Make sure that the GIF looks attractive and even have details about your product. Those who want to introduce a new brand on the social media channels, GIFs can be the first choice. In Twitter, GIFs are also used to get leads based on the posts. You can create more than one GIF to attract the audience and even bring people directly to your post. Instead of using already existing GIFs to promote your brand, try to design one based on your business. It is a best way to enhance the tweets and make it available for the other users.

  3. Make Your Social Media Contest Success

    February 28, 2017 by Neal

    Running a contest on the social media platform can attract more audience to your post and you can easily increase the customers for your business. If you are new to conducting the contest related to your business on the social media channel, it is important to follow few simple steps and this can be helpful for the brands.

    1. Make your contest attractive- Before starting your contest try to think how to make it more attractive to the viewers. To do this, try to include the address for your targeted audience. Then you must attach your contest to an event which must be related to the targeted market. Select a reward that must be given out to the winners at the end of your contest. The reward must be able to attract all the people on the social media platform.

    2.  Make use of social sharing- This is one of the best ways to spread your contest information to all the followers on the social media networks. You must give the entrants of your contests a chance to win something when they participate in the contests. Start a referral contest by giving out coupon code and discounts which can easily help in attracting more contestants. You can also start a photo contest where the entrants must submit photos using your brand hashtag. Then you can add photos to the gallery on your contest page.

    3. Paid advertising- The contest entrants can come in great help if you use them in the right way to promote the social media contest. During this time you can use the social advertising which is available with a small amount of fee. You cannot measure ROI of your contest exposure, but we can assess the ROI related to customer value during their lifetime. While just running a campaign it is not easy to get statistical significance, but you can get good insight related to your targeted audience.

    4. Announce price based discounts- At the end of your contest, now it is time to convert all your contest entrants into customers. The best way to do this is by sending email when the entrant reaches you through the social media contest. Auto-response email can be the best option to reply to the contest entrants and they can attract to win a reward by participating in the contest.

    To design your social contest, try to share your prize as the headline which will avoid the confusion about entrants stand in winning the contest. Also try to highlight your value prize where it can be easily received by the people on the social media network. Make sure to begin the countdown before starting your contest and then the time it will end for the entrants. In the contest page you must use high quality images to attract the audience and also include the call-to-action button. A perfectly managed social media contest will influence a great real value to your business.

  4. Using Twitter To Target Active Ads

    January 27, 2017 by Neal

    Twitter is used to find organic leads, but it can be a difficult process for most of the people. This social media channel provides its users an opportunity to get proper leads without spending too much money. Here are few ways to attract your clients in Twitter through advertising. The marketers usually look for proper leads to get noticed from their competitors. By doing this you will be able to change the clients of your competitor into your customer. Just use niche related to your brand to target individual social media profile based on your marketing process.

    1. Reach to same type of audience- The promoted tweets in Twitter will cost you about $0.55 for one click. This is really cheap for the marketers who want to promote their business on the social media through ads. Promoted tweets will help you to target the followers similar to their competitors. Use the filter option such as followers as well as interests available in Twitter. Even though it doesn’t offer your direct communication with the Twitter account of your competitor, it is able to reach similar kind of engaged audience. Try to target the competitor’s account that has more number of followers. By doing this you will be able to reach all of them in the unique way and make them reach your product with little effort.

    2. Focus on client pain points- Many people like to promote their tweet campaign based on the interests of your product, instead you can use the keywords related to clients pain points. In case you want to sell your product to a bigger company, the decision makers will not be revealing their interest about it. They will be asking only to their followers to get a solution for their requirements about your product. Try to create your own keywords that will be targeted on the social media platform and some of the Twitter users normally look for brand names before starting to follow a particular account. Try to promote your tweets that are available in the search results which will be on top of your potential client lists. Start your keyword campaign to introduce your brand to quality leads and recognize yourself as major source.

    Twitter has been trying to improve its keyword targeting ways and support the marketers in promoting their business. All the above ways can provide a new option to promote your content on the social media platform and target the right ads for testing your campaigns. The same kind of options is also available in other social channels such as LinkedIn, but Twitter has known to be more effective when compared to it. You can also reach to a particular skill sets and try to communicate with the clients who are old to your competitors. Whenever you are planning to get qualified leads, try to use the keywords related to your competitors which is really one of the best ways to achieve it.

  5. Optimize Website Content To Share On Social Media

    December 28, 2016 by Neal

    Website content is not easy to make it shareable on the social media networks as you have to put some additional effort to do this. Once you make the content easily reachable to the audience on the social media, your website will become more appealing. There are just 4 simple methods that can help to achieve this target on the social media channels.

    1. Make images attractive- The images used on your website are capable of driving more traffic to the content, so try to make it more attractive and also easily shareable on the social networks. There are few things that must be considered while adding an image in your website as some of them will look good on your webpage, but exactly opposite on the social media post. To adjust your image, try to make social post first and share URL of your webpage before adjusting it as per your wish. Make sure to optimize your image which must look similar on the website as well as the social media. In case you are using Twitter, there are particular sizes that will be mentioned for adding the images.

    2. Using share buttons- This is one of the best ways to make your website content reachable to the people on social networks. Also refer other publications and how they are using the share buttons to promote their content. Before using share buttons on the social media try to select the best web page. You can use any type of share buttons, but after selecting it try to customize and make it easily traceable. Twitter has the option to customize your share buttons customizable and you can include the Twitter handle on each post shared from your website.

    3. Maintain the content new- If you keep your content new, this will help other users to visit back of your website again. Try to keep on refreshing he content to make them easily sharable to all. Make sure that always you must give the visitors a simple reason to return back to the website. Try to begin a campaign in Twitter and promote your content or brand to all the social media users. Make sure that your viewer understands clearly about your content and it must also be more useful as it should easily bring them back to your website as well as refer it to others.

    4. Optimize meta data- It is also the best to make your content sharable on the social media. To optimize your meta data, make sure that the title of your page and description are perfect. Try to keep your title as short as possible which must be less than 100 characters which will make it easily visible to all the social media viewers. Your description must be less than 250 characters only which will make it look really attractive. Also use important keywords in the description as the social media network like Twitter has search engines based on the keywords.

  6. Sharing Your Business Through Personal Profile

    November 28, 2016 by Neal

    Are you having a Twitter profile for personal use and planning to open a new profile for your business purpose. If you want to maintain a separate account for your business is a good idea, but you can also use the personal social media profile to promote the business. You have to just optimize your personal Twitter profile to spread the business on the social network. You can easily use the content that is relevant to your brand and maintain the social conversations related to your business. To share your business details with your personal profile to achieve the target, you must mainly concentrate on using the most unique content to attract the users in Twitter. The content must be related to your business and it can be shared with the help of your personal profile.

    To use personal Twitter profile for your business, first log in into the Twitter profile to see the option Edit Profile button. Then you will see a menu that will help to change the profile details. The information you need to enter is very simple and it allows you to use about 160 characters in Twitter bio. Also try to share links from other Twitter profiles and hashtags which you would like to get information about. The Twitter bio must feature some of the important details like job title as well as your interests and you must also mention the connection you have with the business. If you mention how you are related with the business it will make the visitors know the content you will be sharing with them. This will also help to attract other followers who want to see the brand and service you are offering.

    The next option is to link your personal profile with business profile. To do this you have to use your company link to make the visitors know more information related to the business. By doing this you can also attract more targeted traffic to your business Twitter page directly. Share the link in your bio to make the audience to view the content by following the link which will lead to the website related to your business. Twitter is one of the most important social media platform that provides you the option to add more personal touch to business.

    Hashtags play a very important role in Twitter as it can be the perfect choice to make the audience to follow a particular topic. Try to share business related hashtag in the Twitter bio to give a quick view about your latest content to the viewers and have a good engagement with them. You can associate a number of personal profiles with your business, but each of them must look completely unique. By following all these steps you can easily become a reliable brand among the Twitter users. You can also get separate attention from the followers easily getting distinguished from your competitors on the social media platform.

  7. Social Monitoring Tools To Attract Local Customers

    October 28, 2016 by Neal

    Are you trying to reach your local customers through social media and monitoring online conversations related to your business. There are special monitoring tools used in the social media platform to do location based search. With this tool you will be able to engage with your customers in a particular area. The location-based monitoring can be done with special tools that are completely different from monitoring tools based on keyword. All these following tools are common in way or the other as they help you to monitor social media to capture digital content and local trends.

    1. Geofeedia- This is a special tool that can be used to search for social feeds in real-time by location and look for location based social media contents all over the world. It is also possible to look for multiple locations for curating, sharing and archiving the content. You can also look for the posts that are trending in your area with this tool and there is a customized social media monitoring options available for different businesses.

    2. WeLink- It is one of the best tool engage and indentify your customers. You can also engage with potential customers using the targeted ads that are available in this tool. This tool offers best location-based monitoring as it combines both keyword-based monitoring and geo-specific listening. You can select this tool to get feeds from most of the social channels.

    3. Sysomos- With this tool you can get the information that is trending locally. Then you will get an idea about what the customers are discussing about. It also collects the digital posts from various social media network such as Twitter and shows insightful data on a single social platform. This tool is completely different from other similar social tools as it shows the results based on content from real-time and already posted content.

    4. MomentFeed- Most of the popular brands use this tool as it is known to provided the most trusted result. All these brands use this tool to get connected with their local customers easily. You can collect the details about your local customer to create marketing campaigns.

    5. Venuelabs- Those who are looking for a new type of monitoring tool that would break new ground, then this tool can be your best choice. The brands which are using this tool will get a feedback that can be used to create marketing campaigns in an effective way. You can also see your customer experience about your business and act accordingly.

    6. Local Measure- Anyone can improve their user experience with the help of this tool and analyze the discussions made by the customers. You can find out various types of social contents with this tool such as reviews, ratings, videos, photos and more. Those who like to use this tool will be able to find loyal customers, local influencers and follower counts. You can also get customized solutions about various brands including marketing, hospitality and more.

  8. Important Browser Extensions On Social Media

    September 27, 2016 by Neal

    Do you spend more time on marketing your brand in the social media platform, it s important to use a proper browser extension that can support you in completing the task fast and easy. There are different types of browser extensions that can be used to make your marketing process simple. Some of the tools must be installed in order to use them in the right manner.

    1. OneTab- This is a very simple extension that is very easy to use. Once you open this tool it will get you all the tabs of your browser as a list in the single tab. It is also possible to organize ad save your tab for using it later. This tool is available for free that can be used to while conducting an article research. You can also create a new list as web page and save it for others to see.

    2. Evernote web clipper- It is also known to be a useful extension that helps to clip the web page before saving it like an article, bookmark and more. You can also create add tags and for saving it the folder of Evernote account. Then try to share the saved article from dialog box with everyone online.

    3. Grammarly- This works as a editing app which is really simple to use and it also hides in the browser toolbar for editing process. It is available as free version and paid versions that can be used as per your convenience. The features available in the free version include spelling check and grammar check just like Microsoft Word. But with the advanced feature you can see some of the most advanced options that can help for those who like to use this tool more professionally.

    4. Hootlet- This powerful extension can be a perfect choice for managing your social media account as it provides more easy options to create the social media contents inside a browser. Select the post that you like to share and open the Hootlet tool for using it. Then edit the post for posting it or scheduling it in a social media account.

    5. RiteTag- It is a perfect extension for people who are looking to find most trending hashtags. The free version of this tool can be helpful for most of the people and you can use it by visiting the RiteTag official website. There is a free version of this tool that offers enhanced features for posting the contents on various social media network using hashtags. Users can also upload photos to the post or emojis related to your content using this tool.

    6. RocketBolt- This is a completely different type of extensions when compared to the above tools. You can to set up in your computer for using this tool in a perfect way. Many marketers use the paid version of this tool that provides access to people and what they discuss on the social media network.

  9. Promoting Products With Twitter Video Ads

    August 27, 2016 by Neal

    Twitter ads are one of the best way to attract large audience and in the same way Twitter video ads can also help to target audience in large numbers. There are different ways that can be followed to make the Twitter video ads more effective to advertise your products. If you like to start the Twitter video ads, there is no need to begin your work from the lower level. Just follow this method to get most out of your Twitter video ads. Try to be more creative while preparing the video for your Twitter ads as it can play a very useful role in promoting your brand. Make sure that the content you have created looks compelling to attract the audience in a larger level. While preparing the video, make sure that it contains complete information about your brand. Start the ad by introducing your product and end it with compelling call to action so the viewers will get in touch with you.

    1. Make a list of your video products- Anyone with perfect product catalog will be able to present themselves using the Twitter video ads, so it is important to prepare the list of products that you are going to promote with this service. This will also provide you an opportunity to make the products easily reachable to your audience.

    2. Create a platform with all your experience- Use the Twitter video ads as a platform to show your audiences about the product and will easily help them know about your brand in a large way. Create a very unique visual experience to your audience to make them center of your action and convey all the benefits related to your product which will motivate the people to go for the product.

    3. How-to video- This method is considered to be the smartest way of attracting people to your product. Also use contents that support your audience which will encourage them to click your website link available along with the video link. Prepare a unique and useful how-to video for your audience which must be visually interesting as well as good information related to your product.

    4. Point out the reason behind your video- Use the already existing video in Twitter ads such as the TV ads specially made for your business can also be helpful. This will make your audience get high level information about your product. You can also use other demo videos that have been created for other purposes in your Twitter video ads.

    5. Preparing the video- Try to begin your video by adding important information about your product in first 5 seconds. This will make sure that your audience can see the entire video ads. Prepare your video in such a way that people who are not able to listen to the audio are able to understand what the video is all about. Include texts in the video to make people easily understand the content.

  10. Handle Customer Support In Twitter

    July 29, 2016 by Neal

    There are lots of brands available in Twitter as the consumers expect to get good response related to a particular product. Most of the companies that have been able to utilize this social media to answer product related queries provide great support to their customers within a short period of time. There are few simple reasons that make the brands to setup a handle to deal with the customers in Twitter. By creating two Twitter accounts, brands will be able to give best support to their customers.

    1. Consolidate- Most of the brand that gets a large amount of tweets related to customer service will like to setup a completely separate handle. By creating a separate account in Twitter to handle the customers can ne beneficial for both of them. The customers will have an idea about reaching the right place to get a complete support from the brands in one place and in the same way the brands will also have a complete idea about providing the right kind of support for its consumers. Overall the brand will have more benefit of this as they can focus on their content and also manage their community in the main account.

    2. Selecting right audience- By having a separate account in Twitter to provide customer service it is also possible to provide other important support to their consumers. The secondary Twitter account can be used to share content which is only related to the current users. The brand that has been experiencing issues related to their product, a simple a tweet made in customer support account can easily the people who have been facing similar issues with the brand.

    3. Risk related to tweet- There are so many benefits of having two accounts such as one for community management and other one for customer support, there are also few risks involved in it. When a particular brand stays active in both their Twitter accounts, there are chances that they can miss some of the important tweets. But the brands must make sure that they are able to see all the complaints related to their products in the same place which will help them in providing a perfect customer support.

    4. Brands using customer service- There are few important brands that have been using the customer service effectively. Some of them include Nike which has a separate customer service account in Twitter even though it is popular for its marketing. Comcast is another company that provides customer service very efficiently. They help their customers when there is any problem related to wireless Internet and it is possible to provide immediate suggestions through their Twitter account. JetBlue is usually known for its customer service offline and they have also developed separate customer service through the social media for its consumers. HubSpotSupport Twitter account is able to answer questions related to customer support and having two individual accounts will help in providing the right type of support to the customers.