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July, 2016

  1. Handle Customer Support In Twitter

    July 29, 2016 by Neal

    There are lots of brands available in Twitter as the consumers expect to get good response related to a particular product. Most of the companies that have been able to utilize this social media to answer product related queries provide great support to their customers within a short period of time. There are few simple reasons that make the brands to setup a handle to deal with the customers in Twitter. By creating two Twitter accounts, brands will be able to give best support to their customers.

    1. Consolidate- Most of the brand that gets a large amount of tweets related to customer service will like to setup a completely separate handle. By creating a separate account in Twitter to handle the customers can ne beneficial for both of them. The customers will have an idea about reaching the right place to get a complete support from the brands in one place and in the same way the brands will also have a complete idea about providing the right kind of support for its consumers. Overall the brand will have more benefit of this as they can focus on their content and also manage their community in the main account.

    2. Selecting right audience- By having a separate account in Twitter to provide customer service it is also possible to provide other important support to their consumers. The secondary Twitter account can be used to share content which is only related to the current users. The brand that has been experiencing issues related to their product, a simple a tweet made in customer support account can easily the people who have been facing similar issues with the brand.

    3. Risk related to tweet- There are so many benefits of having two accounts such as one for community management and other one for customer support, there are also few risks involved in it. When a particular brand stays active in both their Twitter accounts, there are chances that they can miss some of the important tweets. But the brands must make sure that they are able to see all the complaints related to their products in the same place which will help them in providing a perfect customer support.

    4. Brands using customer service- There are few important brands that have been using the customer service effectively. Some of them include Nike which has a separate customer service account in Twitter even though it is popular for its marketing. Comcast is another company that provides customer service very efficiently. They help their customers when there is any problem related to wireless Internet and it is possible to provide immediate suggestions through their Twitter account. JetBlue is usually known for its customer service offline and they have also developed separate customer service through the social media for its consumers. HubSpotSupport Twitter account is able to answer questions related to customer support and having two individual accounts will help in providing the right type of support to the customers.