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Will Internet Marketers Turn on Twitter After Google Panda and Penguin?

February 12, 2013 by twimox

As you may know, Google Panda and Penguin has been in an event where you will find it very hard to rank your own website or blog for good. They have been patrolling around the corner, in order to scout those websites and blogs with inappropriate, low quality and copied content like no other. Why are they doing this to us as we buy Twitter followers anyway? It is simply because as a Twitter marketer, I think we should be able to know that they only need greater quality content than we ever could. We must show them that we can survive both Google Panda and Penguin.

Now the question is that if you can survive the Google Panda and Penguin on your own? For me, I think if there is a way that we could survive this rule, we can overcome on what the Google has been looking for all day and night long. But I have another question for you right now, which may simply blow your own mind away for good. Do you really think that internet and affiliate marketers may turn their own focus on Twitter after the recent aftermath of Google Penguin and Panda once and for all?

For me, I think Twitter was indeed the right choice for us to use after the recent events of Google Panda and Penguin. If we really need to overcome them, we should be playing by their rules. But if we cannot play by their own rules, we should rely on Twitter.

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