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Make Your Social Media Contest Success

February 28, 2017 by Neal

Running a contest on the social media platform can attract more audience to your post and you can easily increase the customers for your business. If you are new to conducting the contest related to your business on the social media channel, it is important to follow few simple steps and this can be helpful for the brands.

1. Make your contest attractive- Before starting your contest try to think how to make it more attractive to the viewers. To do this, try to include the address for your targeted audience. Then you must attach your contest to an event which must be related to the targeted market. Select a reward that must be given out to the winners at the end of your contest. The reward must be able to attract all the people on the social media platform.

2.  Make use of social sharing- This is one of the best ways to spread your contest information to all the followers on the social media networks. You must give the entrants of your contests a chance to win something when they participate in the contests. Start a referral contest by giving out coupon code and discounts which can easily help in attracting more contestants. You can also start a photo contest where the entrants must submit photos using your brand hashtag. Then you can add photos to the gallery on your contest page.

3. Paid advertising- The contest entrants can come in great help if you use them in the right way to promote the social media contest. During this time you can use the social advertising which is available with a small amount of fee. You cannot measure ROI of your contest exposure, but we can assess the ROI related to customer value during their lifetime. While just running a campaign it is not easy to get statistical significance, but you can get good insight related to your targeted audience.

4. Announce price based discounts- At the end of your contest, now it is time to convert all your contest entrants into customers. The best way to do this is by sending email when the entrant reaches you through the social media contest. Auto-response email can be the best option to reply to the contest entrants and they can attract to win a reward by participating in the contest.

To design your social contest, try to share your prize as the headline which will avoid the confusion about entrants stand in winning the contest. Also try to highlight your value prize where it can be easily received by the people on the social media network. Make sure to begin the countdown before starting your contest and then the time it will end for the entrants. In the contest page you must use high quality images to attract the audience and also include the call-to-action button. A perfectly managed social media contest will influence a great real value to your business.

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