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Using Twitter To Target Active Ads

January 27, 2017 by Neal

Twitter is used to find organic leads, but it can be a difficult process for most of the people. This social media channel provides its users an opportunity to get proper leads without spending too much money. Here are few ways to attract your clients in Twitter through advertising. The marketers usually look for proper leads to get noticed from their competitors. By doing this you will be able to change the clients of your competitor into your customer. Just use niche related to your brand to target individual social media profile based on your marketing process.

1. Reach to same type of audience- The promoted tweets in Twitter will cost you about $0.55 for one click. This is really cheap for the marketers who want to promote their business on the social media through ads. Promoted tweets will help you to target the followers similar to their competitors. Use the filter option such as followers as well as interests available in Twitter. Even though it doesn’t offer your direct communication with the Twitter account of your competitor, it is able to reach similar kind of engaged audience. Try to target the competitor’s account that has more number of followers. By doing this you will be able to reach all of them in the unique way and make them reach your product with little effort.

2. Focus on client pain points- Many people like to promote their tweet campaign based on the interests of your product, instead you can use the keywords related to clients pain points. In case you want to sell your product to a bigger company, the decision makers will not be revealing their interest about it. They will be asking only to their followers to get a solution for their requirements about your product. Try to create your own keywords that will be targeted on the social media platform and some of the Twitter users normally look for brand names before starting to follow a particular account. Try to promote your tweets that are available in the search results which will be on top of your potential client lists. Start your keyword campaign to introduce your brand to quality leads and recognize yourself as major source.

Twitter has been trying to improve its keyword targeting ways and support the marketers in promoting their business. All the above ways can provide a new option to promote your content on the social media platform and target the right ads for testing your campaigns. The same kind of options is also available in other social channels such as LinkedIn, but Twitter has known to be more effective when compared to it. You can also reach to a particular skill sets and try to communicate with the clients who are old to your competitors. Whenever you are planning to get qualified leads, try to use the keywords related to your competitors which is really one of the best ways to achieve it.

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