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December, 2016

  1. Optimize Website Content To Share On Social Media

    December 28, 2016 by Neal

    Website content is not easy to make it shareable on the social media networks as you have to put some additional effort to do this. Once you make the content easily reachable to the audience on the social media, your website will become more appealing. There are just 4 simple methods that can help to achieve this target on the social media channels.

    1. Make images attractive- The images used on your website are capable of driving more traffic to the content, so try to make it more attractive and also easily shareable on the social networks. There are few things that must be considered while adding an image in your website as some of them will look good on your webpage, but exactly opposite on the social media post. To adjust your image, try to make social post first and share URL of your webpage before adjusting it as per your wish. Make sure to optimize your image which must look similar on the website as well as the social media. In case you are using Twitter, there are particular sizes that will be mentioned for adding the images.

    2. Using share buttons- This is one of the best ways to make your website content reachable to the people on social networks. Also refer other publications and how they are using the share buttons to promote their content. Before using share buttons on the social media try to select the best web page. You can use any type of share buttons, but after selecting it try to customize and make it easily traceable. Twitter has the option to customize your share buttons customizable and you can include the Twitter handle on each post shared from your website.

    3. Maintain the content new- If you keep your content new, this will help other users to visit back of your website again. Try to keep on refreshing he content to make them easily sharable to all. Make sure that always you must give the visitors a simple reason to return back to the website. Try to begin a campaign in Twitter and promote your content or brand to all the social media users. Make sure that your viewer understands clearly about your content and it must also be more useful as it should easily bring them back to your website as well as refer it to others.

    4. Optimize meta data- It is also the best to make your content sharable on the social media. To optimize your meta data, make sure that the title of your page and description are perfect. Try to keep your title as short as possible which must be less than 100 characters which will make it easily visible to all the social media viewers. Your description must be less than 250 characters only which will make it look really attractive. Also use important keywords in the description as the social media network like Twitter has search engines based on the keywords.