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Why PTO Takes Over SEO For Twitter Marketers?

January 8, 2013 by twimox

Here in this blog post, I may simply ask you a very simple question for now. What makes you really think for the ones that you buy Twitter followers, it was simply clear that you may be able to know that PTO takes over SEO? Before that, I would simply like to define what this is all about anyway.

PTO stands for “People Traffic Optimization”

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”

But what makes you really think that PTO will take over from SEO. Here is the real thing why PTO will finally take over the world of search engine optimization. It is simply because the Google search engine keeps on changing its algorithm, which really affected a lot of websites, blogs and other kinds of landing pages to downgrade their own ranks for good. What Google is really looking for all of us is simply to have more value and quality in our respective websites. As a matter of fact, it was proven that Google indeed wants our own websites, blogs or any kind of landing page to become fully respected by our own Twitter followers, and other visitors outside of it.

But no matter what technique are you in right now, I think it will just deteriorate anytime when Google once again changes its own algorithm. With Google Panda and Penguin being upgraded to eliminate websites and blogs from getting indexed, it was no use for SEO fanatics to show their own efforts and hard work to make them rank well with Google.


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