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The Importance of Special Events For Twitter Marketers

December 10, 2012 by twimox

Speaking about the special events, it is not just about the debut. As the ones who buy Twitter followers, we need to be creative in the events that we are about to organize. But I will be discussing that later on in the next set of articles. But what is going to be this time around? For now, I will just talk about the importance of special events for Twitter marketers. But what makes you really think that special events are really that important to a single Twitter marketer? For me, I think it is because we are hungry enough to bring some traffic.

How come that it is going to bring us even more traffic for this anyway?

Well, I think we should bring some families, friends, relatives, etc. Think about that! They are the ones who are giving us good traffic into our very own special events. Can we also apply it in the world of Twitter marketing? Of course, anything would be really possible for us to do this like no other. You just have to think about the birthdays, graduation, Christmas parties, and a whole lot more. Just think about it, will you? Assuming that you may have a press conference for your own company, it was indeed considered a special event.

More and more people are trying to come into your own press conference, once you are going to tweet it to them. Without the presence of Twitter, I think you have missed a big chunk of traffic.


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