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Important Browser Extensions On Social Media

September 27, 2016 by Neal

Do you spend more time on marketing your brand in the social media platform, it s important to use a proper browser extension that can support you in completing the task fast and easy. There are different types of browser extensions that can be used to make your marketing process simple. Some of the tools must be installed in order to use them in the right manner.

1. OneTab- This is a very simple extension that is very easy to use. Once you open this tool it will get you all the tabs of your browser as a list in the single tab. It is also possible to organize ad save your tab for using it later. This tool is available for free that can be used to while conducting an article research. You can also create a new list as web page and save it for others to see.

2. Evernote web clipper- It is also known to be a useful extension that helps to clip the web page before saving it like an article, bookmark and more. You can also create add tags and for saving it the folder of Evernote account. Then try to share the saved article from dialog box with everyone online.

3. Grammarly- This works as a editing app which is really simple to use and it also hides in the browser toolbar for editing process. It is available as free version and paid versions that can be used as per your convenience. The features available in the free version include spelling check and grammar check just like Microsoft Word. But with the advanced feature you can see some of the most advanced options that can help for those who like to use this tool more professionally.

4. Hootlet- This powerful extension can be a perfect choice for managing your social media account as it provides more easy options to create the social media contents inside a browser. Select the post that you like to share and open the Hootlet tool for using it. Then edit the post for posting it or scheduling it in a social media account.

5. RiteTag- It is a perfect extension for people who are looking to find most trending hashtags. The free version of this tool can be helpful for most of the people and you can use it by visiting the RiteTag official website. There is a free version of this tool that offers enhanced features for posting the contents on various social media network using hashtags. Users can also upload photos to the post or emojis related to your content using this tool.

6. RocketBolt- This is a completely different type of extensions when compared to the above tools. You can to set up in your computer for using this tool in a perfect way. Many marketers use the paid version of this tool that provides access to people and what they discuss on the social media network.

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